Home cattery for British tabby cats ” Lord of the Cats”.

Hello and welcome in our site! My name is Anastasia Mishina and I live in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Our love for British Shorthair cat started when my father gave to me from Russia one of the first british cats in Bulgaria in 1997. blue cat with name Tomas. He captured our hearts and became quickly a member of our family. Tomas was our pet for 12 years. We loved this kind of cats and we decided to take an other cat, but this time we took the marble tabby ( whiskas). We own cats with bloodlines from one of the oldest hatchery in Europe and Russia.

We know that the thoroughbred breeding is a big responsibility. We work with a few cats, because we want to be sure that each of them will have the needed care. When the babies are born, our family take care of the cats in home. We picked carefully their new owners, because the happiness of the cats is very important for us.

We hope that the visit of our site will enjoy you!